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GDPR Penetration Testing

What is GDPR?

The EU has changed its data protection rules. These new rules are called the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR). Businesses should prepare now as the significant changes go well beyond an upgrade. Many deals signed today will be covered by the new rules and most businesses will need to start preparing now to be ready in time for May 2018.

How can First Base help with GDPR compliance?

We have partnered with Cordery, a firm who have data privacy compliance at their heart. Cordery are steeped in this world and have already helped many substantial corporations with their GDPR programmes. You can be assured of practical, focused advice from a team who have been advising on GDPR since the day the first draft came out.

Cordery advises its clients on everything to do with the application of the rules relating to data privacy, whether that be strategic (for example developing internal compliance or data maximisation policies) or urgent (for example handling complaints, breaches or other acute issues).

Our partnership with Cordery means you have access to GDPR Headway, a fixed-fee service building on the experience Cordery have accumulated from working on a large number of GDPR projects. It helps you get started when you cannot see the wood for the trees – or helps you relaunch your GDPR compliance project when you have got bogged down.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider Cordery GDPR Navigator, a subscription service offering an expansive set of resources and a community of peers. GDPR Navigator includes video briefings, written guides, policies and procedures, and checklists, as well as networking opportunities.

To discuss your GDPR compliance requirements in detail, contact us.

Why GDPR Penetration Testing?

Managing and maintaining compliance requires a security infrastructure that can monitor and control the use and movement of data, identify the users who are using the data, restrict access to only those users who need to access it, and to render the data unintelligible in the event that it is accessed by an unauthorised user.

GDPR requires that you have a process for regularly testing, assessing and evaluating the effectiveness of these technical and organisational measures.
As a CREST member company, we are a certified organisation who can help you fully meet these requirements, having been awarded the gold standard in penetration testing.

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