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Awareness Programme Management

Why Awareness Programme Management?

Our managed awareness programme puts your cyber security training in our hands. Working alongside your training team, we help to plan and author training specific to your business, combining face-to-face training, webcasts and videos. We then leverage our expertise in delivering social engineering exercises in order to measure the impact of the training. For example, we can deliver live awareness training on email phishing, then deliver a simulated phishing attack and measure the response rate from those who attended and those that did not.

Unlike most training packages, we use our experience from being ethical hackers to bring the training to life using real-world stories from our trainers’ own experiences, hugely increasing staff engagement and promoting cultural change within the business.

How does the Awareness Programme Management Service work?

Our awareness training can cover many different topics, but our recommended modules for a one-hour session are:

  • Email phishing and ransomware
  • Social media
  • Social engineering
  • Passwords
  • Who may hack you and why

The live sessions can be recorded or provided as a webcast to deliver to offices where face-to-face training is not possible.

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