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Board Presentations

Why Cyber Awareness Board Presentations?

Cyber security is a boardroom issue.

Organisations need to embed cyber security decisions into normal risk management process, so it’s crucial that CEOs, CFOs and other executives take an active role in understanding the level of risk they’re exposed to and establishing a meaningful and effective strategy.

The financial future of a business and its customers can hinge upon the security of the organisation’s information – and the board is responsible.

Directors have a duty to keep themselves informed and may be held negligent if they do not take professional or expert advice. Whilst Directors are entitled to rely on their staff, that reliance cannot be unquestioning and they retain a duty of supervision and control.

What’s involved in Cyber Awareness Board Presentations?

Cyber Awareness Board Presentations are designed to provide board members with a high-level introduction to cyber security, give them an understanding of the latest cyber security threats that may affect their organisation, and deliver the knowledge to respond appropriately.

Some key questions board members must ask are:

  • Have we undertaken an analysis of cyber risks to the business and its staff?
  • What form of cyber security programme and set of policies do we have in place?
  • What technology measures do we have in place?
  • What have we done to educate our staff on cyber security issues and the role they can play to combat those threats?
  • How often is all this reviewed?

What does a typical agenda look like?

  • Overview of the cyber security landscape
  • Directors’ cyber security responsibilities
  • Key threats such as information leakage, phishing attacks, ransomware and the insider threat
  • What your organisation is doing to mitigate threats
  • Questions and roundtable discussion

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