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Cyber Security Awareness Training

Our Training and Awareness Philosophy

The vast majority of data breaches take advantage of your people in order to succeed, whether it be an employee opening a malicious attachment, letting a criminal tailgate into the office, or revealing their password over the telephone. Cyber security awareness training empowers your staff with the knowledge to recognise and defend against these attacks.

We are strong believers that awareness training should be delivered face-to-face and by trainers that have planned and executed real-life simulated attacks themselves. This allows the training to be illustrated with enthralling real-life stories from our trainers’ own experiences, bringing colour and first-hand experience to the sessions that engages staff to a much greater degree than standard training.

Our goal is to promote a culture change, and having delivered these sessions for thousands of staff in many different business sectors we genuinely believe our unique approach to the training achieves this.

What’s involved in Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Our awareness training can cover many different topics, but our recommended modules for a one-hour session are:

  • Email phishing and ransomware
  • Social media
  • Social engineering
  • Passwords
  • Who may hack you and why

The live sessions can be recorded or provided as a webcast to deliver to offices where face-to-face training is not possible.

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