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Cyber Workshops & Guidance

Why Cyber Workshops & Guidance?

People shouldn’t be the weakest link in cyber security, they need to be your human firewall.

Engaging, real world stories help staff understand the threats and how to reduce the risk to their company and to themselves. Our unique approach provides everyone from the board to the shop floor with the knowledge and skills to defend your organisation.

The financial future of a business and its customers can hinge upon the security of the organisation’s information, making cyber awareness a critical issue.

What’s involved in Cyber Workshops & Guidance?

Your staff regularly make decisions that can impact the security of your business and its information. Unfortunately these decisions may not be particularly good or sophisticated. Nevertheless, their choices are not random, but are often based on stories that they hear from other people, such as family or friends.

These stories impact the way people think about security, and their subsequent behaviour when making security-related decisions. Many people retell these stories to others, so that a single story has the potential to influence multiple people.

We use stories to help people make better security decisions.

Our Cyber Workshops are founded on practical experience as penetration testers, social engineers and trainers. Weaving real-world red team exercises, with compelling and exciting content, into story lines that your staff can identify with can change your security culture in an unprecedented fashion.

Most attacks involve social engineering to bypass technical security controls, which is why it’s so important to have everyone in the organisation understand the threats and how to counter them. Our Cyber Workshops & Guidance will do that.

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