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Senior Executive Cyber Awareness

Why Senior Executive Cyber Awareness?

Organisations need to embed cyber security into all their management process, so it’s crucial that senior executives take an active role in understanding the level of risk they’re exposed to and help to deliver a meaningful and effective strategy.

The financial future of a business and its customers can hinge upon the security of the organisation’s information, making senior executive cyber awareness a critical issue.

What’s involved in Senior Executive Cyber Awareness?

Senior Executive Cyber Awareness sessions are designed to provide senior staff with a high-level introduction to cyber security, give them an understanding of the latest cyber security threats that may affect their organisation, and deliver the knowledge to respond appropriately.

Cyber attacks have changed. Broad, scattershot attacks designed for mischief have been replaced with advanced attacks focused on acquiring valuable data from an organisation.

Most of these attacks involve social engineering to bypass technical security controls, which is why it’s so important to have everyone in the organisation understand the threats and how to counter them. Senior executives must lead by example to ensure that an effective cyber security strategy becomes embedded in the culture of the business.

What does a typical agenda look like?

  • Overview of the cyber security landscape
  • Key threats such as information leakage, phishing attacks, ransomware and the insider threat
  • What your organisation is doing to mitigate threats
  • Questions and roundtable discussion

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