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Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience and Cyber Hygiene are essential strategies to counter known and unknown threats from cyberspace. Our consultancy and gap analysis services help you defend your organisation in this ever-changing threat landscape, optimising your Cyber Resilience activities to protect your business and obtain the best return on your investment.

Cyber Resilience Consultancy

Adopting a Cyber Resilience framework will enable your business to respond more effectively and consistently to the challenges of threatening cyberspace activity, and to be more resilient in cyberspace.

Cyber Risks Stress Testing

The most effective way to assess resilience is to determine how quickly and effectively your business can react to any given scenario, by conducting Cyber Risks Stress Testing.

Cyber Hygiene Assessments

A Cyber Hygiene Assessment will highlight your most ‘at risk’ systems and provide guidance on securing them through patching and hardening.

Cyber Security Gap Analysis

Our Cyber Security Gap Analysis identifies your security vulnerabilities, helping you thoroughly understand your organisation’s security and risk posture, including links to your supply chain.

ISO 27000 Gap Analysis

Implementing a recognised information security management standard provides a framework to manage the security of your information and minimise internal and external threats, by benchmarking your organisation’s security standards against best practice.

white-hats.co.uk group

white-hats.co.uk was set up in May 2002 by First Base Technologies LLP with the aim of providing a new way to exchange information and learn about threats as they emerge.