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Cyber Hygiene Assessments

Why Cyber Hygiene Assessments?

One of the key components of your Cyber Resilience Strategy will be to conduct regular Cyber Hygiene Assessments, ensuring that your organisation is cyber ready.

The most pervasive issue in cyber security is failing to update or patch systems, yet unpatched systems are one the biggest risk factors in cyber attacks. A Cyber Hygiene Assessment will highlight your most ‘at risk’ systems and provide guidance on securing them through patching and hardening.

Why Cyber Hygiene Assessments?

Our goal is to identify your critical systems and review their security configuration, determine vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, and to report the risks together with practical guidance for mitigation.

We will work with you to identify your critical systems and their supporting infrastructure, producing a target list for assessment.

Our Cyber Hygiene Assessment involves these key steps:

  • An authenticated vulnerability assessment of critical systems, with expert manual review of the findings
  • A server audit to determine patch levels of both manufacturer and third-party software
  • An assessment of systems and infrastructure for potential zero-day vulnerabilities
  • A review of server and workstation configuration to determine compliance with good security practice
  • Reports that present our findings in a format tailored to your internal GRC requirements

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