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Cyber Resilience Consultancy

Why Cyber Resilience Consultancy?

Cyber risk isn’t new, but the stakes grow higher every day. An incident is no longer likely to be an isolated event, but a sustained and persistent campaign. There is no single solution that will offer protection from these types of attack.

Cyber security is a key element of being resilient, but cyber resilient organisations recognise that it goes far beyond just technical measures, embracing people, processes, and technology.

To ensure your organisation is cyber ready requires a Cyber Resilience Strategy. With a fully realised strategy, your business can withstand the impact of known, predictable, unknown, unpredictable, uncertain and unexpected threats from all your activities in cyberspace.

The right Cyber Resilience strategy will also ensure that the cost of controls, responses and other Cyber Resilience activities are proportional to the threats.

What’s involved in Cyber Resilience Consultancy?

Adopting a Cyber Resilience framework will enable your business to respond more effectively and consistently to the challenges of threatening cyberspace activity, and to be more resilient in cyberspace.

As threats morph and your business needs evolve, Cyber Resilience is by definition about continual refinement.

Our approach can be best thought of as a framework with five pillars:

Cyber Readiness_Five Pillars

For each of these pillars, we will help you implement a best practice approach to minimise cyber risk.

Prepare / Identify: To successfully face and overcome an attack, it’s essential to thoroughly understand your organisation’s security and risk posture. We assist by identifying your vital information, conducting an assessment that includes all known security vulnerabilities, and establishing a baseline to compare with your peers.

Protect: Our goal is to ensure your infrastructure and data are protected from malicious attack and accidental exposure. We review and exercise all three key areas – people, processes and technology – using red teaming and targeted penetration tests to highlight any weaknesses.

Detect: We focus on developing your ability to rapidly identify an attack or a breach, assess the systems that may be affected, and ensure a timely response. To effectively minimise any damage, we will ensure that you have the necessary detection and response policies, processes and technologies in place.

Respond:  We help you develop activities that will accelerate remediation and contain the impact of an attack once detected. Whilst there are many third-party solutions and services available, much of what is needed involves people and processes internal to your business.

Recover: Finally we examine and enhance your recovery plans to ensure that you can restore data and services after an attack. Even if you respond quickly to a cyber breach, there may be consequences for people, processes and systems. An effective recovery depends on a clear and thorough recovery plan.

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