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Cyber Risks Stress Testing

Why Cyber Risks Stress Testing?

Cyber exposures are now seen as inevitable, so businesses are investing in a Cyber Resilience Strategy. With a fully realised strategy, your business can withstand the impact of known, predictable, unknown, unpredictable, uncertain and unexpected threats from all your activities in cyberspace.

The fundamentals of resilience are protecting profitability through business continuity and incident response planning.

The most effective way to assess resilience is to determine how quickly and effectively your business can react to any given scenario, by conducting Cyber Risks Stress Testing.

What’s involved in Cyber Risks Stress Testing?

Cyber Risks Stress Testing simulates worst-case scenarios and evaluates how your business would respond if a cyber incident has occurred.

The purpose of stress testing is to identify the critical systems, people and premises you need to continue serving your customers – and the best way to protect and recover them.

Scenarios work because they help managers consider the effects of a variety of severe but plausible scenarios without being unrealistic. Integrated scenarios also ensure that companies do not miss or underestimate the correlations between their different business activities and individual risk types, thus underestimating group-level vulnerability.

  • Detect: Can you recognise incidents and threats to isolate and contain them?
  • Respond: Can you react to breaches, mitigate the damage and analyse what went wrong?
  • Recover: How quickly and how completely can you restore normal operations?

Undertaking Cyber Risks Stress Testing and analysing the outcomes will provide you with the information you need to adjust your risk profiles and response plans to help protect your organisation.

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