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Managed Phishing and Testing Education (PhishEd)

Why Managed Phishing & Education (PhishEd)?

When technical defences fail, people are the last line of defence. Armed with the proper training, users can provide timely and valuable threat intelligence simply by recognising and reporting suspicious emails. Organisations have struggled to tap into this resource, meaning that malicious activities often operate for weeks and even months on the network.

Our Managed Phishing & Education (PhishEd) service not only educates staff to recognise phishing attacks, but also provides useful metrics to your security team for analysis and response.

  • A controlled, real-word phishing education experience for employees
  • No compromise of security
  • Employee empowerment for reporting suspicious emails
  • Real-time threat intelligence of external phishing attacks
  • Fully managed service, using a purpose-built SaaS platform

PhishEd Benefits

  • A dedicated team designing, delivering and measuring your phishing campaigns (scenarios)
  • Feedback on reported attacks and breakdown timestamps, individual responses, trends, and browser enumeration
  • On-going analysis by scenario, plus project success rates

Example Scenarios

  • Simple Click Through – a phishing email that urges the user to click on an embedded link which takes the user to targeted training
  • Data Submission – a link that forwards the user to a customised landing page that attempts to convince the user to enter a critical piece of data
  • Highly Personalised – simulates advanced social engineering tactics by using specific known details about email recipients gathered from internal and public sources

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