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Firewall Rules Review and Testing

Why Firewall Rules Review & Testing?

Firewalls are your first line of defence against Internet-based attacks and a key component in preventing data leakage and information theft. Whilst penetration tests will identify live vulnerabilities in your Internet connections, they cannot identify problems such as conflicting rules, missing firewall patches and poor administrative controls.

Inevitably, firewall rule bases increase in size and complexity over time. Even with good change control, this can lead to misconfigurations, excessive permissions and other issues that present a serious risk to your business.

You may be required to conduct firewall reviews for compliance with PCI DSS and ISO 27001, or to satisfy due diligence requirements from business partners and customers.
Firewall reviews can also improve your ability to locate weaknesses in your network security posture and identify where your policies need to be changed.

What’s involved in Firewall Rules Review & Testing?

Our firewall rules review and testing service includes the following elements:

  • Manual analysis of all your firewall rules, cross-checked against business requirements and approved policies.
  • A security audit which details each configuration issue together with ease of exploitation, the potential impact and recommendations for mitigation.
  • An audit of the firewall’s software showing each potential vulnerability, including a CVSSv2 score and references to more specific information provided by the device manufacturers and third parties.
  • A network filtering complexity report that highlights problems such as unused objects, disabled rules, lack of commenting, overlapping rules and many other rules-based issues.
  • A configuration report which details the configuration settings in an easy-to-read format, grouped by related settings and providing additional information about their purpose.

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