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Mobile Device & MDM Penetration Testing

Mobile Device Penetration Testing Methodology

Our penetration testing services are conducted by skilled professionals using the latest tools, best practice and our own proprietary testing techniques.

  • Conduct a penetration test against standard build mobile devices.
  • Analyse the mobile device for physical security weaknesses
  • Simulate real-world attack vectors by connecting the devices to our test wireless network.
  • Conduct unauthenticated attacks against the device (e.g. simulating a device being stolen).
  • Examine the mobile device from an authenticated perspective to determine if access to sensitive data is possible.
  • Attempt to subvert operating system controls, access data stored on the devices and compromise the client network.
  • Conduct physical tests on one of the supplied devices, such as the removal and forensic analysis of the drives.
  • If MDM is in use, examine the policies in use on the device.
  • The test process is creative and the tester will conduct tests appropriate to the environment and client organisation.

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