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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Ethical:  because we are in a position of trust. We don’t employ ex-hackers – we thoroughly vet and constantly monitor our staff who are also bound by the codes of conduct and practice of CREST and the British Computer Society.

Pragmatic:  we make sure that what you want is what you actually need. You can be sure that you get solutions that work within your budget and reports that properly reflect your organisation’s attitude to risk.

Professional:  we believe that we must do more than satisfy clients – we must exceed their expectations. We assign a partner to each client to take full responsibility for your needs and the success of each project.

  • We have provided cyber security and testing services since 1989.
  • We don’t sell products or install systems, so there is no conflict of interest.
  • Our business-focused approach means that we can talk to management as easily as we can talk to technical people.
  • We combine ethical hacking techniques and commercial vulnerability scanning to provide a thorough and cost-effective service.
  • Our reports offer accurate, meaningful results in a format that can be tailored to suit your organisation, addressing both management and technical requirements.
  • Our post-test discussions provide clear, pragmatic guidance for remediation. We are with you every step of the journey to securing your organisation.
  • We guarantee a fixed fee for every step of a project – if we underestimate the time involved, you don’t pay more.
  • Our staff are thoroughly vetted and constantly monitored against strict codes of conduct. We do not employ ex-criminal hackers.
  • We invest heavily to keep our skills current with the evolution of cyber security threats, testing techniques and emerging technologies.
  • Our project management system ensures every member of staff can answer your queries easily and accurately.

We operate a Quality System that is certified to ISO 9001 to ensure our services meet or exceed the parameters agreed with our clients. Specific elements include:

  • Project management database: active records of all interactions with clients, next action date and staff member, project manager and partner responsible.
  • Auditable project files: full records of all client projects, archived for a minimum of five years.
  • Full audit trails and checklists for all tests: archived for a minimum of five years.
  • Quality Controlled Testing: all findings are subject to a technical review and all reports are subject to quality assessment by senior staff before being sent to you.

We are also certified to ISO 27001 to ensure that our in-house security – and the security of any information you provide us – meets or exceeds the parameters agreed with our clients.